Pedal Ahead! provides cycling tuition for children and adults in Birmingham.  Does your child need help with balance and coordination?  Pedal Ahead! can help you. Calm, patient and personalised cycling tuition in Birmingham.  We teach all levels from learn to ride up and improvers, to learning to cycle on the road.  One hour of teaching for your child with Pedal Ahead! in Birmingham.  We can teach all levels from balance bike, learn to pedal, improvers, preparing for Bikeability, and beginning to ride on the road.

Pedal Ahead! teaches to the National Standard for Cycling Tuition. There are three essential skills involved in being able to ride a bike independently.  These are balance, coordination, and locomotion. Each learner has different needs. We will assess exactly what you/your child need/s so that we can teach them as efficiently as possible.


For Improvers, who can already pedal at least ten metres without stabilisers and without help, we teach Level One of the National Standards for Cycling Instruction (off-road), Level Two (beginning to ride on the road) and Level Three (more challenging roads).

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