Walkers Heath Park

by Phil

Walkers Heath Park isn’t easy to find because the entrance isn’t very visible from Walkers’ Heath Road.  If you end up in the care home next door, you have missed the entrance to the park.  If you’re coming from Birmingham, the entrance to the park is just south of the care home; if you’re coming from Redditch or Bromsgrove then the entrance to the park is just north of the care home.  Once you’re in the park there is a car park at the Walkers Heath Lane entrance, and then it’s a few minutes walk to the meeting point at the park keeper’s house, by the tennis court and paved multi-use games area.   Below are a Google map reference and a What3Words link – you might need both.  Walkers Heath Park is a beautiful and tranquil park that is ideal for cycling tuition.  There is also an entrance with a car park on Bell Lane – however this is a bit further from the meeting point.

What 3 Words – https://w3w.co/rests.retail.bonus

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